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Restaurant Review: Cliff Dining Pub

May 21, 2017

I don’t have the energy to systematically review every restaurant I go to. But that won’t stop me when I have a nice experience, as I did last night at The Cliff Dining Pub.

The About page says the restaurant is “From Draper . . . For Draper,” which is rather charming at the same time as being . . . not exactly something I’ve ever in my life thought I was looking for. But hey, I grew up in Orem, and that is not an indication of my taste or sophistication level. So what the hell, I’m game.

The menu has dashes of personality–occasionally approaching the levels of a theme restaurant in Times Square, which is again a mixed sign. For example, one entree is called Ghostrider Fish & Chips, and there’s a starter called Avocad Oh! Despite the (let’s say) whimsical name, we ordered that second one, and its sliced avocado with tamari and lemon juice was so good I’ll probably try reproducing it at home and hopefully adding it it my own repertoire.

The craft beer selection is first rate, with classics (e.g. Ballast Point Sculpin) and adventurous picks (e.g. Wasatch Devestator) from local, regional, and national breweries. But we went with wine this evening. We had a bottle of the Grateful Red Pinot Noir. I’m not as qualified to judge the wine list overall as I am the beers, but it seemed likewise well curated.

I ordered the Steak and Fries, a legitimately perfectly medium-rare grass-fed skirt steak, with a fried egg right on top, and a truffle chimichurri and bleu cheese pumping up the flavor. My companion ordered the Firebird Chicken, which came over pasta in a spicy plum sauce that reminded us a little of an elevated General Tzo’s Chicken sauce (and I definitely mean that in a good way).

Maybe one day I’ll be the kind of restaurant reviewer who can order a bunch of extra dishes and be comprehensive. If that day had been this evening, I would have probably tried the Ramen, the Better Cheddar Burger, and certainly something from the sushi menu. If the dishes I did have were any indication, they would all have been great. Dessert too, I’d imagine, though we didn’t get any. And I am already making plans to go back and get the Chicken & Waffles for brunch. That’s one of my go-to dishes, and I’m still looking for a decent Utah version.

If the chef impressed me with the best possible version of being fromDraper but only partially of Draper, the service seemed right inline with what I might have expected in Draper. No major complaints or mistakes, but there were small things like needing to order the wine twice, and plates staying on the table a little long.

While not a flawless experience, my meal at The Cliff Dining pub was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in Utah.

Loved it

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