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Broadway Rabbit Hole

May 9, 2017

I made a sad discovery this morning. Turns out I missed my high school musical theatre alumni night. I thought they had those things in the fall–though I admit I hadn’t paid much attention to the details while living far away.

Even though I obviously could have been more on top of this, I’m disappointed. I was looking forward getting the ol’ pipes in shape and having the chance to perform a number as one of the few upsides to being back where I grew up.

There was, however, a recorded livestream. I only knew a couple of the people who performed. Seems like everyone had a nice, nostalgic time. Also (let’s be honest) highly relevant: I think I could have been one of the best ones there. It looks like it’s more for fun than a battlefield of cutthroat competition. Maybe I’m alone here in being this special kind of asshole, but if I show up to something like this I’m singing to win. (Whatever that even means, haha!)

In any case, at the very least this means I’ve been going down a serious Broadway rabbit hole this morning. Half evaluating potential performance pieces and half just enjoying this periodic reacquainting myself with the field.

Not sure I have any profound insights, but here’s a playlist with the results of my morning. There are potential solos and a few duets. (I’d have to find someone to perform with in the case of a duet, but that’s totally doable. Can you imagine doing “Baptize Me” from The Book of Mormon in Orem, Utah, though? So amazing.)


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