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Weight-Loss Diary 11.9.19

November 9, 2019

Week 1 ran pretty much as intended. I felt groggy and tired on Sunday after my eating day off, so I had one keto/carnivore meal in the evening after about a 24-hour fast. I thought it wouldn’t get in the way of my hitting the 6+ pound mark by the end of the week.

And it didn’t. I (bulletproof-coffee) fasted for 90 hours after that. Wednesday night I hit 6.3 pounds down on the scale. But I’ve found that eating breakfast makes me feel like crap. So on the fourth day (Thursday), I only had the BP coffee for breakfast, then in the afternoon I got myself some raw cheese, raw yogurt, and kombucha to start waking up my digestive system. That evening and Friday I had the same keto/carnivore dinner, and by the time I weighed in today I was only up a 1.5 pounds, which, considering a little water weight and solid food in my guts, is nothing to worry about.

Week’s loss: 6.3 pounds

Total loss: 6.3 pounds

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