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Weight-Loss Diary: Here We Go

October 27, 2019

I often say to myself that the best way to tell how I’m doing on the inside is to look on the outside–in particular, to my weight. I’ve lately hit an ALL TIME high. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. And that’s less than a year and a half removed from being the lowest I’ve ever weighed as a grownup. That’s means gaining back an average of nearly ten pounds a month over that time.  I don’t know if my life is quite at an all-time low, but it is pretty messy.

It’s hard to find an upside to this situation I find myself in, but there is one: I can better document my massive weight loss when I do it again. I feel I’ve gone a long way to finally cracking the weight-loss code and I can lose pretty reliably. Well, I can do it reliably if I can actually put into practice what it takes. The problem with that is, the worse I feel about life, the harder it is to keep on track.

But I’m ready. It’s time to #getafterit again, and to use losing bodyfat as a way to clear the excess mental baggage at the same time.

And this diary will be my document of the process.

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