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May 28, 2017

If you know me well, you probably know I think running is overrated. Running’s for skinny people. Meaning: skinny people run, but running doesn’t make you skinny. There are better exercises–hell, even better cardio exercises–and better measures of fitness. I mean, if you wanna run, run. It’s cool. I’m just saying.

So if, again, you know me well, you’ll most certainly be surprised to learn I signed up for a 5k next weekend.

My lady (not to bury the lede here, but yes, we’re back together!) mentioned she was doing a 5k for extra credit in her college gym class and was looking for a buddy. For some crazy reason, in that moment, training together, having a goal and an achievement to works towards together, and the excuse to complain together afterward, all that seemed like a fun thing to do!

I mean, I walk a 5k+ several times a week with the dog. So, worst case scenario, I could always walk it and finish in 45 minutes. That’s not even that bad a scenario, honestly. But I figured I may as well get a few runs in pre-race, just to gauge my running condition and get some estimate of what it might be like. Ease gradually into this endeavor instead of the full shock of a 5k from nothing.

After receiving my running shoes from Amazon (I decided against training and running in my fancy boots), this morning–Sunday, while the natives are in church–I took Ron down to the park with an asphalt track just a little down the road. And we got to it.

I did 3.5 laps, which my app tells me is 1.7 miles, in 19:00 minutes. I wouldn’t say I’m absolutely dying afterward, but it certainly took something out of me. Also, it’s sort of disconcerting how much more effort it looks like it will take to shave even like 10 minutes or 20%-25% off my time compared to walking. Oh well, haha!

It was also interesting to see how the dog was as a running buddy. The first lap, he was great. He ran next to me, happy that I was actually keeping up a pace he’d enjoy better than walking. The second lap, he was dragging, though, behind me at full leash length, barely keeping up and actually even slowing me down a little. So I quickly left him in the car for my last lap and #gotafterit myself.

Anyway. I’ll probably run one more time before the race. (I only have one scheduled non-weights day before then, and I’d like this one-off running event to compete for my energy and training/eating program as little as possible.) We’ll see if I can push a little more and be a little better.

And . . . this is happening.

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